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The Rewards of Being a Sales Associate for Security Bank

By Dindin Reyes on March 3, 2015

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or someone who’s been working for a while, the job hunt is an exploration that happens in the same waters. For all of us who find ourselves immersed at sea, there’s no question of sink or swim – as long as you keep on treading, you’ll keep your head above water. But how you swim the tides – that will ultimately have a say in what kind of boat will save you and get you to that shore, a.ka. your highest career goals.

There are usually two kinds of boats you can get on and it all depends on what kind of journey you want to have:

The first boat: high risk, high reward. If you’ve got the guts and the skills to take on a challenging position in your dream company, go for it. Do your best and climb to the top. The risk comes in the reality that sometimes, excellence isn’t going to be enough. The opportunities available, the timing, the people around you, and your own set of strengths and weaknesses will play a huge role in how high the reward will actually be. If anything is out of place, this could end up being a sinker.

The second boat: low risk, low reward. More often than not, this is the starting point of the life-long game. Join a company at an entry level position and slowly but surely work your way to the position you’ve been wanting since day one. The “low” in low reward comes from the fact that it will take a lot of time and patience.

Sounds a little too black and white? Yes, just like in any story book journey, there’s a winding career path out there that falls between these two extremes. Sometimes they can even be found in the most unlikely of places - for example, a Philippine bank.

The Sales Associate Program at Security Bank promises that if you perform well and meet their minimum targets, you can become a junior officer of the bank in just 6 months. Day 1: Sales Associate. 6 months later: Junior Assistant Manager. Perform excellently and you can secure yourself a spot on second level management as an Assistant Manager.

Before you get ahead of yourself, know that it’s a two-way street. You don’t have to sweat blood or burn the midnight oil months on end but you do have to work hard for the reward. It’s not just a title but a position you earn. What do you have to do to meet the minimum and more? Map out the area you’re assigned to and find business owners, individuals, and families who could use Security Bank’s help – either through opening accounts, availing of loans, and other financial matters. Creativity, perseverance and patience will go a long way in finding business and sealing deals but if you do, you can skip four to five years ahead on the promotion ladder.

Where you’re from, what course you studied – none of that really matters here. What matters is how seriously you take the trainings and the mentorship they give you, the work and time you put in, and how well you can apply what you learn on the field to actually produce results. Security Bank will be there every step of the way. They heap on personalized training and coaching that will give you the skills to put your careers in your own hands. What they offer is not just a relatively fast track, but a shared wisdom that’ll set you on a proven path to success.

Add in a hefty 2-digit commission for your sales and this job almost sounds almost too good to be true. Is it really that easy to be the master of your own career? Office politics and the waiting game really won’t waste your years?

Let’s test out if reality is as good as expectations. Four former sales associates, now officers, all talk to Kalibrr individually – Marco Labayene, Miguel Payawal, Regine Ilano, and Keneth Biron. Read on.

How long have you been with Security Bank and what position do you hold now?

Marco: May 2013, fresh from graduating from the University of Santo Tomas. Assistant Manager.

Miguel: May 2013. Assistant Manager.

Regine: May 2013, fresh from graduating from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Junior Assistant Manager.

Keneth: May 2013, fresh from graduating from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Junior Assistant Manger.


What do you like about your job?

Marco: Everyday is a new challenge because of the sales targets you have to reach. Since everyday is new, there’s no routine to tie you down and you get to talk and learn from different clients.

Miguel: Learning from different successful businessmen, CEOs, and companies about how to start a business and how to make it grow. Aside from that, you also get to meet a lot of people and help them with their financial needs. The pay is also good so the dream house and dream car for that future family is not an impossible goal.

Regine: I like meeting new clients because they become good friends.

Keneth: My passion is to talk to people so I feel like I can express myself fully in this job. I like to make the client feel good about themselves and enlighten them about their financial needs. I also get to manage my own time and develop my interpersonal skills. The compensation is also really good.


What do you like about your working at Security Bank?

Marco: There’s a good work culture here. The operations arm of Security Bank is really helpful. And they recognize you for your good performance.

Miguel: The branches are very supportive. You honestly cannot do your job well without the help of the operations arm so it’s good that they are supportive.

Regine: The mentors they provide are great and will give you good learnings. The employees here aren’t treated like employees, they’re treated like family.

Keneth: What I like about the culture in Security Bank is the unsatisfied desire to reach and exceed client's unending need in banking industry through our Better Banking Experience Campaign, thus resulting on a continous changes in operations and sales making us more flexible, sales-oriented, and being maximized to reveal our fullest potential as banker and in any other field.


What are your career goals and how do you think the Sales Associate Program is going to help you get there?

Marco: I would like to start my own business and dealing with different business owners is a good way to see different perspectives when it comes to building something of your own.

Miguel: I’m 26 now. By 28, I would like to become a Branch Business Manager. The fast career track is really attractive to me because if you can attain it eventually, why not now. If it’s doable, why not?

Regine: I would like to be a Branch Manager so this Sales Associates Program is a good opportunity to get there.

Keneth: My dream is to be a Branch Banking Operations Group Head. The leaders of Security Bank inspire me and I want to be like them. Like in my job now, I want to use what God has given me in the field of leadership.


Who do you think should join the Sales Associates Program?

All four recommended the job to fresh graduates. They have different reasons why.

Marco: While they still have the energy to really go out and look for business, they should take this job because of the fast career path.

Miguel: Start early. I regret starting at this job later on in my career. It’s very rewarding.

Regine: Security Bank is a good place to start your career. You’ll learn discipline, time management and how to deal with clients.

Keneth: You shouldn’t look for a job, you should look for a career. The Sales Associate Program is a good way to reach for your dreams and fill the space in between now and when you get to your goal.

Different kinds of people, from different backgrounds, now at different stages of their career on the Security Bank ladder. Marco, Miguel, Regine, and Keneth prove that the Sales Associate program is for everyone and though people experience it all in different ways one thing is for sure – there’s a different reward for everyone and, whatever your dream is, you’ll get to enjoy it while you’re young.

[caption id="attachment_1164" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Security Bank is hiring for their Sales Associate program. Click here and apply now. Security Bank is hiring for their Sales Associate program. Click here and apply now.[/caption]