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It Pays a Lot to Pursue an IT Career

By Joseph Cueto on March 3, 2015

IT is on. IT is in. It’s IT’s time. What is IT, err, it, this post is driving at? Isn’t IT obvious?

Let this article give some clarity. Recently, JobStreet Philippines has published its Annual Salary Report 2015, which features a rundown of the “Top 10 Specializations with Great Salary”. Here is the key takeaway: If you are fresh off hearing Verdi’s Triumphal March (yes, the song that plays on a loop during graduations) or looking for a career with a continued upward trajectory, IT is one of the careers to pursue:

If you specialize in information technology (IT) and have extensive technical know-how, then you are on the right track. This year’s Annual Salary Report reveals that employees in IT – Software and IT – Network, System, and Database Administration are the best paid, consistently occupying the top two spots across all position levels (1 to 4 years’ experience, 5 years and up, and assistant manager/manager).

As alluded to before, IT is a field that continues to evolve. Lucrative too. A quick snapshot below:

  • Junior Executives with 1 to 4 years experience, - Php37,784 per month,
  • For Supervisors with 5 or more years of experience - Php67,478 per month
  • For Assistant Managers / Managers - Php100,838 per month

The numbers speak for themselves. Yes, IT, or shall we say, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Do these salary figures make the IT specialization more attractive for you? Put in your two cents worth (for current IT folks, more than that!). One thing is for certain: IT pays a lot to pursue an IT career.
Image: Bob Mical