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Job Interview Tips

6 Problems Only Fresh Grads Will Understand

By Stef Orandain on March 3, 2015

There will be tons of cake, a shower of confetti, and a slew of parties to celebrate the end of sixteen long years of formal education. However, the post-graduation euphoria lasts for about a week before you’re finally hit with the painful truths of the real world. Here are few common problems that most fresh grads are all too familiar with: 

When are you going to start working?"

1 - Start Working

Let’s face it, your parents are only going to allow you to be a couch potato for a while. It’s not long before they start dropping hints, gently reminding you to get off your ass and start the job hunt. 

Filling up that CV

2 - CV

From writing the perfect cover letter, to narrowing down your academic achievements, to figuring out if you've actually attended any seminars worth listing: writing the perfect resume can be harrowing task and a pain in the ass. 

Goodbye, allowance!


Say goodbye to free coffee runs! Your parents will eventually decide to jumpstart your independence and  cut you off from your student allowance. 

Bills, bills, bills


Your phone and credit card bills will start magically appearing on your bed, and the 15th and 30th of the month will take on a whole new meaning. 

Hunting for a job

5 - Job Hunt

Nothing tries your patience more than diving head first into the job hunt. There will be a lot of smiling, talking, and waiting during the interview process. Let’s not forget the struggle of picking yourself up after receiving that dreaded call of rejection

What am I going to do?

6 - What Now?

After sixteen years of being told what to do and where to be, the reigns of your life are suddenly thrust into your own hands. Self-doubt will rear it’s ugly head and convince you that you’re not good enough for anything. Being independent is tough, but the uncertainty that comes with it is even tougher. 

It will be challenging to enter a world that’s filled with responsibilities and commitment -  but the good news is that you are not alone. Remember that every successful person has been in your shoes, and if they can make it, so can you!

Images from: Grabhouse, Playbuzz, Buzzfeed, Giphy, Tumblr, Surfingbird, and Marius Boataca