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5 Ways To Win Mondays

By Joseph Cueto on March 16, 2015

A couple of Internet memes on the subject of Mondays. Those who can relate, heave a loud sigh:
1) “Keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday.”
2) “I’d rather enter the Hunger Games than enter the office on Mondays.”

For most people, Mondays have always spurned mind-bending questions such as “Why is the weekend so short?” and “Monday? Again? Why?” Mondays are welcomed with the enthusiasm of an Energizer bunny running low on battery power.

On the bright side, Mondays are worth celebrating! They only come once a week! The hashtag #motivationmonday would not have existed if the day was bereft of value at all! In fact, some researches have suggested that a person’s attitude towards Mondays can influence the rest of your week.

The key? It’s about having the “right approach” to the day, on the day, as exhibited by highly successful employees,  states Inc.’s Kevin Daum. With dogged dedication, practice, and stick-to-itiveness, Mondays can be given a favorable association through these five ways below:

1. Start with a positive attitude

Productive people make a choice to see Mondays with a glass half-full disposition. Their mindset reeks of a “Today is a great opportunity to get a lot of work done!”, instead of “Mondays is my ‘Walking Dead’ day!”, vibe. Do this and you already have half the battle won. Try seeing Mondays with a positive intention, bringing to mind your goals and how to achieve them.

2. Dedicate time for organization

After getting to the office on a Monday morning, prevent getting into “headless chicken mode” by setting aside an hour for a short planning session. Use the time to see what lies ahead for the week and crafting strategies on how to proceed with certain projects.

3. Prioritize your objectives

This is done by asking “What is the most important objective that I have to wrap up this week?” Doing so can help you devote sufficient time and resources on the main priorities at hand. It’s a roadmap that saves you from getting lost amidst an always-busy week.

4. Anticipate obstacles

Of course, what fun would it be without obstacles? Obstacles are part of every assignment and office. Highly successful folks use Mondays as an “obstacle tracking” opportunity. They look ahead for any possible roadblocks that can impede their plans so they can enact contingency measures.

5. Line up your allies

Finishing some tasks cannot be done by being a one-man show. Coordination is the name of the game and successful people make sure to tap colleagues who will be able to assist on their projects ahead of time.

Ready for your Mondays to be out of the ordinary? Excited to try these tips out? Which of these do you plan to employ? Share below as well if you know of other effective tips to deal with Monday maladies. Let these ways be your ticket from a “Woe is Monday” to a “Whoa Monday!” experience.


Image by Laura Rinaldi