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Job Search Tips

4 Ways To Spend The Summer After College

By Racquel Narciso on March 3, 2015

You made it through college. You made it through all the term papers and mid-terms and finals. You got through all those sleepless nights — the presentations, the internships,the thesis defense. You should definitely pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Congratulations! Now what?

Bum around

Graduating from college is a big deal and should be commemorated accordingly. Take the summer to decompress, catch up on sleep, and detox from all that coffee and Red Bull you probably consumed. Give yourself the vacation time you need before you plunge straight into the working world. Remember: once you start working, it’ll be a while before you get any days off.


If you’re not of the mall rat or couch potato persuasion, look into volunteering opportunities. Join a mentoring program for the youth or ask an organization you believe in if they need your help. (Chances are, they do.) This will be a good way to meet new people, help others, and have a meaningful summer. Adding volunteer experience on your resume won’t hurt either.


The best way to broaden your horizons is to immerse yourself in a whole other culture. You don’t even have to leave the country. There are already so many eye-opening experiences waiting for you around the Philippines whether it’s by car, by boat, or by plane. Going somewhere new will give you a new perspective and at the very least, will be a refreshing change of scenery.


If money is an issue, get ahead of your batch mates by starting your job hunt right after college. Just make sure you choose the job that’s right for you, instead of jumping at the first job offer you get. There are many factors to consider when accepting your first job, so don’t be too impulsive or you’ll be stuck with a job you don’t like.