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Voice Recordings Help You Recruit Better

By Paul Rivera on February 2, 2015

Reviewing resumes sucks, especially if you’re interviewing for high volume call center jobs like customer service agents or sales people. While a resume can convey a certain amount of information about a candidate, what it can’t do is allow you to hear how they sound.

You’re often left thinking: Well, his or her resume sounds great, but can he speak English? How’s their accent? Are they more of a sales person or a support person?

At Kalibrr, we’ve created one feature to help you streamline this process so you can quickly find out whether or not the candidate you’re reviewing has the required English skills.

For every job post you create on Kalibrr, you have the option to add screening tools that are specific to what the job needs. One of them is the ability to add voice recordings when candidates apply to your job.

It’s very simple - create a job post on Kalibrr and when you’ve completed the job description, select Voice Recordings from one of our many screening tools and provide a text prompt that you want him to answer.

The text prompt can be something like: “Tell me why you want to work at Kalibrr?” or “Tell me about yourself.”

As long as the candidate has a microphone, they’ll be able to answer and convey much more information to you about their qualifications than any simple resume can.

On our end, we organize the candidates and allow you to listen to all the recordings right away and use the rest of the Kalibrr platform to manage them all the way to the interview.

It’s as simple as that - with Kalibrr, we help you recruit better. Try it with your next job post.