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Love at Work: Pros and Cons of Office Romances

By Sheena Siao on February 2, 2015

Romantic comedies teach us that choosing when and where to meet the love of your life is not at all your choice or theirs. But you are still, after all, a professional. So if you've got yourself an office romance, enjoy Cupid’s blessing, but do not forget to keep it together in the workplace.

1. Seeing each other every day

Pro: Seeing a source of inspiration daily does wonders for you.  No Work-from-Home Mondays!

Con: It can get too much. Just remember to keep your personal discussions outside of the office. Or at the very least in the pantry, not near people's desks.


2. Working together

Pro: Nothing beats working with someone that gets you.

Con: Things can get competitive.
3. People you work with know who you’re dating

Pro: No need to hide your relationship from prying eyes.

Important note: This is advisable in your apartment - not at your office!

Con: People know who you're dating


4. Spending time together

Pro: Lunch buddies forever!

Con: You go out for dinner with your girls while he's working overtime and it's a big deal.

Bottom line: Office relationships can work and make you better both personally and professionally. Just set some ground rules, like when and where to communicate during office hours, and be discreet. While it's perfectly alright to share, it's not good for your co-workers to know too much about your love life.