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How To Get Through Work With A Broken Heart

By Life Dawn Balibalos on February 2, 2015

We can get our heart broken in many different ways. People will disappoint you, hurt you, and sometimes leave you crying in the shower for days. A broken heart can be a crippling, agonizing thing, and we Pinoys really know how to feel the pain. While some people cope by burying themselves in work, others find it difficult to keep their emotions out of the office. Here are a few things to remember to help you cope with work even if your heart’s in pieces:

It’s Normal.

First of all, remember that there’s nothing wrong with you. We all go through heartbreaking situations – some of us more than others – but that doesn’t make heartbreaks easy; it just means that it’s normal. Getting all choked up in the office because your ‘song’ played is normal; you’re not weird at all.

Be Honest.

Heartbreaks can make us feel listless and uninspired. Your career shouldn’t suffer just because you’re going through a tough time. Before your boss even notices that your quality of work isn’t at par with your usual, tell him. Before your officemates even notice that you’re not your jolly self, tell them. It’s always better to be honest about heartbreak – chances are, they’ve gone through the same situation and have great advice to give. If you don’t feel like you’re that close, just tell them the facts and assure them that you’ll manage.

Learn to Appreciate.

Heartbreaks can turn us into ambassadors of negativity – just because you’re feeling blue, doesn’t mean you have to keep the bad vibes rolling. If your officemates are putting in an effort to make you laugh, appreciate it. If your boss asks about how you’re feeling, be thankful. Some people actually care – really care. In turn, you can ask them about their day, or how their weekends went. Sometimes, a great way to get through heartbreak is to appreciate other people; their presence just might release you from your own dark and dingy feels.

Love Yourself.

If getting up in the morning and dressing up for work becomes too difficult, then maybe you shouldn't go to work. Show that you value your job by having the courage to admit that you’re not up for it. Ask your boss for the day off and turn it into quality ‘healing’ time. Go out and eat ice cream. Go shopping. Watch a movie. Spend time with friends who love and adore you. Karaoke all night. No matter how great a heartbreak you’re going through, the best way to heal is to admit the pain and outweigh it with love for yourself. This is your heart, and you’re the only one that can put it back together, don’t let the movies make you believe otherwise.

If all else fails, just remember that your broken ticker will heal; it’ll just take a bit of time.



Photo credit: shewatchedthesky / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND