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How To Get Promoted: 10 Bosses Share Their Secrets

By Joseph Cueto on February 2, 2015

“What can I do to get promoted?” – Have you asked yourself – or your boss – this question? An article by the Young Entrepreneur Council shares 10 ways to get to the next level. Summary below:

1. Clearly outline how you will rise to the occasion

“A young lady proactively scheduled a meeting with us and outlined exactly why she thought she was worth 20% more than she was being paid. She had a plan to get better at them, and was honest.”

2. Establish yourself as a leader

“The last person I promoted established himself as someone the rest of the team could go to with issues or concerns.”

3. Help others grow

“Taking ownership of your position and wanting to see everyone around you succeed just as much as you do is important.”

4. Step up when you don’t have to

“We recently fired a production manager in our company. Our newer and less seasoned production manager was then faced with taking on the load of that employee as well as his own. He stepped up, took on the task, and he did it well.”

5. Do your boss’ job

“I started my career as a (very happy) consultant with this company. There, to be promoted, you need to ‘do your boss’ job.”

6. Make your teammates better

“The most important characteristics of a leader is her ability to train, motivate, and improve the team.”

7. Demonstrate an exceptional work ethic

“We’ve had several recent promotions of exceptional employees. These individuals had an outstanding work ethic.”

8. Dominate the sales process

“My recently promoted employees absolutely dominated the sales process and never stopped. They stayed late, asked questions, wanted to learn, and were willing to teach others.”

9. Show you’re ready for the title—and the accountability

“This person showed a readiness to take on more responsibility but needed help to take the next step and meet higher expectations.”

10. Do the job you want before you get it

“I recently promoted someone to a sales management position because he showed initiative and was already doing many of the aspects of the job.”

How can you get promoted? Let us count the ways. Hopefully, with a little time and practice, your long-awaited promotion will come knocking on your door.




Photo by Wouter Rietberg