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10 Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy

By Joseph Cueto on February 2, 2015

Engaged employees (no, not those bound for a wedding) are the best. These are the people who are enthusiastic about their work, which leads to a high quality of service and productivity rendered. Studies have found that highly engaged employees were 87% less likely to leave their companies.

If employees are considered the heart of the organization, what can companies do to keep this heart beating? According to an article by Jeff Haden, the answer lies in a familiar concept called “caring”:

Caring gives work meaning and helps us love our jobs. But caring has to start with the employer. We don't genuinely care about our company until we first know our company cares about us -- by showing it.

It is one thing to mouth off the company line but another thing to really show they care. As discussed in this article by Jeff Haden, here are ways great companies make employees feel the company can be a “home away from home”, a place where they end up loving their jobs:

  1. They provide freedom – The best ones let their employees do their jobs, giving their staff leeway to do what they feel is best for a given project, which sends a message of trust.
  2. They build a true sense of team – How do the top companies build a T.E.A.M (Together Everybody Achieves More) atmosphere? Make employees realize that what they do – and don’t do – has a ripple effect. A real “team” works hard for each other, especially when a team member knows that others are counting on them.
  3. They set logical expectations – Expectations are spelled out clearly and not just given in “barking orders” fashion. The thought process behind them is explained thoroughly
  4. They foster a unique sense of purpose – When employees feel that they can be a part of something bigger than the company, than themselves, it makes them expand what they care for and the reasons why. Companies can be a stepping stone for their employees to create a purpose that tailor fits their own aspirations, how they relate with customers and the community.
  5. They encourage genuine input – After soliciting ideas, these ideas are dealt with by asking leading and open-ended questions in a gentle fashion. This makes employees feel that their input is valued, fostering the feeling it is “their” company too.
  6. They see the person inside the employee – “I am not just an employee. Most of all, I am a person” - brownie points if this mindset is shown through both word and action. Personnel at work are not just random employee numbers or pawns in the corporate chess game.
  7. They treat each employee not just equally but fairly –It is not a “one size fits all” approach, but a well-thought-out manner of treatment based on an employee’s personality and temperament.
  8. They dish out occasional tough love – Sometimes, going into drill sergeant mode is necessary. Pushing them to be at their utmost best through constructive feedback or a wake-up call sends the message that the organization wants employees to reach their full potential.
  9. They give frequent public praise – A little “praise release”, which shows you care and is another reason for staff to care, can go a long way and that goes for your above-average and poor performers.
  10. They create genuine opportunities – Open to them a world of exciting and beneficial possibilities as the company grows by supporting their aspiration for a better future. Nobody wants to be part of a dead-end job.

What do these lessons tell us? If we want to keep employees happy, keep in mind that nobody wins unless everybody wins. At the end of the day, we – including organizations – get what we give. Keep on caring, or in social media-speak, “Care lang ng care!”





Photo by roanne77