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10 Embarrassing Valentine's Day Moments At Work

By Sheena Siao on February 2, 2015

Professing love gets a little bit harder every year. Thanks to the Jason Magbanuas of the world, women’s expectations keep getting higher. Suddenly, everything needs to be swoon-level, tear-in-your-eye video-worthy. But does all these stuff of dreams translate to reality? Can the grand romantic gesture survive under the fluorescent haze of an office?

Here are possible reasons that might just take the giddiness out of Valentine’s Day – including you!

1. Uso pa ba ang harana a.k.a. Surprise Serenades in the Office

Please take note:

Serenading when you’re young

When you’re slightly older (and in the 80s)

When you’re older and in the year 2015


2. Your officemate's flash mob proposal

Source: Tumblr

3. Date picks you up at reception in PJs

Go for honesty?

Source: Buzzfeed

4. Mixing your thoughts for tonight on an important conference call
5. BF tags you for your V-Day Gift on a public post

Maybe call in sick tomorrow.

Source: The Frisky

6. Practicing your flirting in the pantry

Let go of the smoothie.

Source: The Smart Local

7. Busting the moves in front of your boss

Umm. No.

Source: Pop Sugar

8. Projecting your V-Day email on the screen

Ever hear of split screen?

9. Eating the secretary's Valentine's chocolates

It's not all about you.


10. Trying to make everyone feel good on V-day

Sometimes you just have to let the day pass.

Source: Kill the Hydra

Oh romance. So wonderful, yet so awkward. Have a good Valentine's, whatever the outcome!