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Job Interview Tips

5 Things Job Applicants Need To Stop Obsessing Over

By Joseph Cueto on January 29, 2015

Job hunting has its way of giving the applicant memorable "you think it matters but it doesn’t” realizations. Maureen Dempsey points out 5 things you may be over-obsessing about and what to focus on instead:

  1.   How fancy your resume looks – What Does Matter: "Standing out is about the strength of your candidacy, which is something you can’t buy, fake, or promote through even the most beautiful font choice," Alison Green, a former nonprofit chief of staff and author of the AskaManager.
  2.   If you send a handwritten thank you note - What Does Matter: Rather than simply thanking hiring managers for their time, Stacey Hawley, a career and leadership development coach and founder of The Credo Company, says to make sure your note contains meaningful information that proves you were paying attention and are still interested in the position.
  3. Whether your resume fits on one page – What Does Matter: Concentrate on making sure you’ve highlighted only the most pertinent facts from your job history.
  4.   Crafting a clever cover letter – What Does Matter: The key to a great cover letter is to emphasize the passions and personal traits that make you uniquely qualified to excel in a particular job—but don’t come across in your resume.
  5.   Why you haven’t heard back – What Does Matter: If you do snag an interview, satisfy your curiosity by asking for a timeline before you leave.

Conduct your job search with extra peace of mind by focusing on the stuff that actually matters.


Photo by Woodleywonderworks